Monday, October 5, 2015

What Highspeed Internet Choices Are Available In 2015?
February, 2015. Being serious internet users, my wife and I have chosen broadband 100 cable internet for our home. We are both very pleased with our broadband 100 megabits-per-second service, and would recommend it to people with similar home-office situations. ... Read Article

What Is A Good Internet Connection Speed? - Tech
Need to Test Your Internet Speed? Try; Streaming Music FAQ: Is My Broadband Fast Enough to Stream Audio? Wondering Why Your Internet Is so Slow? The Best Torrent Sites of 2015; Internet 'Memes' Are Viral Bits of Online Culture! ... Read Article

How To Change A MAC Address - Tech
Cable modem services, on the other hand, do this by registering and tracking the MAC address of the device that connects to the ISP. The device whose MAC address is monitored by an ISP can be either the cable modem, a broadband router, or the PC that hosts the Internet connection. ... Read Article

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